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1. Made from premium materials for long-lasting performance.

2. Lighter and stronger exhaust muffler, designed to handle the rigors of high-performance engines.

3. Enhanced sonic evacuation provides for higher flow and increased power.

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The exhaust muffler pipe is a part of the engine exhaust system. The exhaust muffler pipe system mainly includes the exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe and muffler. Generally, the three calibration catalyst to control the emission of engine pollutants is also installed in the exhaust system. The exhaust pipe generally includes the front exhaust pipe and the rear exhaust pipe.

After fresh air and gasoline are mixed into the engine for combustion, high temperature and high pressure gases are generated to push the piston. When the gas energy is released, it is no longer valuable to the engine. These gases become exhaust gases and are discharged out of the engine. After exhaust from the cylinder, the exhaust gas enters the exhaust manifold. After the exhaust manifold of each cylinder is collected, the exhaust gas is discharged through the exhaust pipe.

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As environmental protection regulations are quite strict on vehicle emission standards, no matter idling, accelerating, low-speed driving, high-speed driving or decelerating, all vehicles must meet the emission standards. In the face of such strict restrictions, in addition to achieving balance between performance and emission, the only thing is catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is usually made of precious metals, including oxidation catalyst, reduction catalyst and three-way catalytic converter used in most vehicles. After the exhaust manifold, the catalytic converter is connected to convert the incompletely burned pollutants into harmless substances to protect the environment.

It is connected to the muffler from the catalytic converter. The cross section of the muffler is a round or oval object, which is welded with thin steel plates and installed in the middle or rear of the exhaust system. There are a series of baffles, chambers, orifices and pipes inside the muffler. The phenomenon of acoustic reflection interference and cancellation is used to gradually weaken the sound energy, so as to isolate and attenuate the pulsating pressure generated each time the exhaust valve is opened.

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