1.High Ouality & Attractive. Slip on exhaust pipe with premium guality, making your motorcycle roar witoutstanding sound and helps to obtain maximum output,increase the exhaust performance.
2.Service Guarantee. Brand new exhaust middle link pipe which makes the exhaust smoother and improvethe power.
3.Easy to Connect. The middle link exhaust pipe is a significant part for connecting with your tail pipemakes your motorcycle to be more aggressive. Precision cast to make sure its easy installation and perfecfitment.
4.Stainless Steel Material. The exhaust middle link pipe made of premium stainless steel construction witladded coating process, high temperature resistant and anti-corrosion, superior longevity.

1Advanced TechnologyEasylnstallation, welded tube design reduces pressure drop and fast heat dissipation,good performancestable and durable,no leakageno deformation
2.Excellent Aluminum MaterialHigh-strength aluminum alloy material, it will not deform when exposed to heat, high temperature resistancestrong corrosion resistanceresists corrosion in the case of scale
3OEM DesignDesigned to ensure precise matching of shape and function, it is easy to install, and the size of tubes moreprecise and rust-proof.

1. Catalyst type: Platinum, palladium, rhodium, and other precious metals and rare earth elements of thecompound catalyst.
2. Catalyst substrate: Honeycomb ceramic substrate, metal substrate
3. Excellent coating for solid, lasting and stable catalytic performance
4. Advanced technology and packaging techniques carriers to ensure reliable thermal shock and mechani-cal stability.
5.The shape will be round, oval or racetrack
6.Can meet Euro3,Euro4, Euro5 or CARBEPA standard.