There are many kinds of materials for motorcycle exhaust pipes. Let's take a look at their characteristics.There are Iron, stainless steel, carbon fiber, titanium alloy. The outer layer of iron pipe is treated with black heat-resistant paint, commonly known as "black iron pipe". Its low cost is popular with manufacturers. However, black iron pipe is prone to rust and has insufficient heat dissipation performance, which requires more attention; Stainless steel pipe, also known as "white iron pipe", has higher durability and thermal conductivity than black iron pipe, and the price is not too expensive. Therefore, many modified pipes are made of stainless steel.

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Low cost black iron pipes are popular with manufacturers.

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Stainless steel pipes are often used on modified pipes.

Both carbon fiber tubes and titanium alloy tubes can achieve the lightweight effect of the car body, and the unique color of carbon fiber has attracted the love of many riders. The anti scalding effect is also better than that of ordinary metal tailpipes. Due to the material characteristics, the carbon fiber tubes currently seen are all made of tail sections, which cannot be used in full; Titanium alloy materials can be seen in aerospace materials. It is conceivable that its strength and lightweight performance are quite excellent, but the price is relatively expensive. Many titanium alloy exhaust pipes on the market are not made of titanium alloy as a whole. Some are made of stainless steel in the front section, while titanium alloy materials are used in the tail section. In addition, riders should pay attention to that some exhaust pipes that advertise titanium alloy are simply plated with titanium or colored titanium, Therefore, special attention should be paid before purchasing.

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Takeda introduced the full carbon fiber tailpipe used in MT-07.

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SC Project titanium alloy exhaust pipe used by HONDA factory team.

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