1. Engine oil is the first priority for maintenance. Imported semi synthetic engine oil or above must be used, and full synthetic engine oil is preferred. Air oil cooled vehicles have higher requirements for engine oil than water cooled vehicles. However, for some single cylinder vehicles with large displacement, semi synthetic engine oil can be used because the crankshaft is a crankshaft bearing with low requirements on engine oil. However, synthetic oil can only be replaced after a long mileage. The fully synthetic engine can be replaced after 3000-4000 km without waste. The engine oil filter element should be replaced regularly and the engine should be very clean.

2. It is necessary to use clean air filter. The air filter of imported vehicles is expensive. Once the air filter is damaged, dust and sand will enter the cylinder, wear ring and valve through the carburetor. If it is blocked, it will cause insufficient power and increase fuel consumption. The increase of fuel consumption will inevitably lead to black smoke at high exhaust speed. After a long time, the car’s durability and power will be reduced.

3. Clean the tire and keep the tread clean. There are no stones in the pattern. The most important thing is that the tire cannot be coated with wax or oil. Because the oil has affinity for rubber, it will lead to tire cracking and deterioration, endangering its own safety. Because the motorcycle relies on pressure to achieve cornering, the tire is the most important.

4. There are many impurities in the fuel tank and gasoline. I have time to remove the fuel tank once a year, remove the oil switch, remove the water and rust at the bottom, dry the fuel tank, and reinstall it.

5. Carburetor/throttle valve nozzle, carburetor has been used for a long time, and there will be some impurities in it. You can loosen the drain screw under the carburetor to make the impurities flow away with the gasoline. If the carburetor leaks oil, it must be repaired and replaced in time. Because the carburetor of some vehicles is really poorly designed, once the carburetor leaks oil, the gasoline will leak into the cylinder. If the carburetor is pushed, the gasoline will leak into the crankcase, diluting the engine oil. If the amount of gasoline leaked is large. Nowadays, large displacement motorcycles have used the electronic fuel injection system, so it is necessary to clean the throttle body and fuel injection nozzle regularly.

6. The battery should be recharged every six months. Turn off the headlights before driving.

7. The clutch, a four cylinder car with a displacement of 250, can also meet the daily speed. As long as the gear is not red and the oil is good, the basic car is still in normal use. The fragments of clutch discs wear the bearing pads seriously, so pay attention to this bad habit.

8. Shock absorption. The front shock absorption oil is basically replaced once a year. If the rear shock absorption oil leaks, replace the oil seal when the core is empty, but once the core is empty, only replace the assembly.

9. The valve can be filled with fuel additives. Generally, a bottle can be used 20 times for 250 models. In addition, the front air passage is brown. After using it, the carburetor can be disassembled, and the entire air passage is silver white. It is as bright as new.

10. Spark plugs and ignition wires. If you care about the ignition circuit and have a little budget, it is necessary to invest in several high-voltage wires and a set of iridium spark plugs.

Post time: Jan-04-2023